I am a proud Constitutional Conservative whose values stem from a rural life and were bolstered by extensive coursework in political philosophy.

Rural Issues

The swamp in Madison always favors those with the biggest pockets or those who can garner them votes. Those of us in flyover country are often forgotten and that’s why rural issues are my number one concern. I will go to Madison to fight for rural broadband access. We have seen through the COVID-19 pandemic how important a stable and fast internet connection is to our economic and educational future. We cannot leave rural Wisconsin behind when it comes to this important resource. Rural Wisconsinites need affordable and accessible options in a way that is also sensible to the taxpayer and I will fight for this balance. Healthcare is also becoming more centralized and this endangers rural healthcare. I will support efforts to attract medical professionals, from CNA’s to nurse practitioners and doctors, so that our neighbors can find great healthcare close to home and not have to travel to the Fox Valley or Green Bay just to find a provider. I will fight to preserve what is left of our family farms, but also support modernization to keep Wisconsin at the forefront of agriculture. Having spent years on small dairy farms, I know what it’s like to wake up every day and milk cows, whether it’s hot or cold or you’re sick or tired. I have been there to put on my boots and do what needs to be done. Because of that, you can count on me to always fight to defend our rural way of life.

Election Integrity

Without the full faith of the electorate in the outcome of elections, nothing else government does will be legitimate. As a county party chairman, I led efforts to improve Outagamie County’s poll worker program and appoint more party-affiliated Election Inspectors to help ensure Republican eyes, alongside Democrats, supervise each aspect of the Election Day count. In the Spring of 2019, I personally supervised Outagamie’s election night as a technical difficulty led to delays in releasing information. In 2020, I was the only county party chairman in Northeast Wisconsin to hold a ‘Stop the Steal’ rally and our downtown Appleton rally emphasized the public’s concerns over election irregularities. Still, nearly two years later, we have little confirmation about what truly happened because there hasn’t been a robust investigation in Wisconsin. I believe that investigation should be controlled by the Election Committee in the legislature and be allowed to move ahead quickly.


Pro Life

I believe life begins at conception. Nothing is more sacred than life. If we do not protect and support life we cannot as a nation claim to support freedom, liberty, and personal autonomy because we deny it to those who cannot speak up to defend themselves. Science tells us that abortion ends a life, our humanity tells us that ending innocent life tears at our moral fabric, and our intellect tells us that the ending of innocent life shakes the philosophical foundation upon which our founding fathers created this great nation. I also believe that as the party of life, we need to do more to support the desire to choose life. To me, that includes reducing the financial burdens for those who wish to adopt, and supporting the physical, emotional, and financial needs of pregnant women who might otherwise believe abortion is their only option. I am proud to be endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life.

Second Amendment

The right to bear arms is essential to our American way of life, whether it is enjoyed through sport, hunting to fill the freezer for your family, to protect yourself and your family, or as a last resort against a tyrannical government. We cannot ensure that our natural rights given to all by nature will be preserved if the people are not allowed to arm themselves against those who would harm them. I will fight to protect this fundamental right. I am proud to have received an ‘AQ’ rating from the NRA, the highest rating a non-incumbent candidate can earn.

Individual Freedom

Individual freedom is essential to our free society. This freedom makes us exceptional as a people and unique as a nation. Ours is the only nation whose constitution lays out explicitly what the government is allowed to do and reserves everything else to the states and the people. Our society has flourished because our government was restrained by design and people allowed to flourish on their own. Individual freedom drives our economy, our culture, and our exceptional institutions. Whether in Washington D.C. or Madison WI, government should leave us alone and focus on the narrow functions they are charged with in our constitution.

Government Power

Government power should be held closest to the people not in Madison. Communities know best what their communities need and want. Mandating one size fits all solutions from Madison cannot address the needs of those in Milwaukee and those in our rural townships. These communities have unique needs and the people in their communities ought to be the ones to address them. Additionally, unfunded mandates from Madison and Washington put strain on our local communities budgets and must be stopped. As county party chair, I led efforts to stop ceding local control to Democrats based on a false notion that these offices were “non-partisan” by recruiting, training, and supporting local conservative candidates for school, municipal, and county boards. In Madison, I will continue my support for local government, one that is responsive to the people they most closely represent.

Public Safety/Law Enforcement

I will always have the back of those who have ours, whether that’s police officers, firefighters, EMTs, or other public safety protectors, and serve as a listening ear and advocate for them. I believe a safe and secure Wisconsin is a prosperous and free Wisconsin. As a county party chairman, I cultivated open and welcoming relationships with local law enforcement, bringing into our office ‘Back the Badge’ and other pro-law enforcement flags/signs. Similarly, in the wake of protests against law enforcement, I have continued to stand by their side, even in the face of threats and protests. I will also support the preservation of volunteer firefighters and fight cumbersome regulations that discourage their ability to recruit and retain volunteers and maintain small, local fire departments.